A Living Depression (Pupils will need to be provided with a satellite image or a diagram of a depression)

Look at satellite image you have been given. Onto the map the warm and cold fronts of a depression have been marked. Think carefully about the weather conditions that the depression will bring and how they will change over time.

1) In pairs consider the following statements. Using your knowledge about how the weather conditions will be changing label onto your satellite image where you think they will be happening.

2) Choose 4 of these and explain in as much detail as you can why you have placed it where you have.

3) Now think of 4 more statements to be placed and swap with another pair.

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1) Mr Smith puts his washing on the washing line hoping it will get the chance to dry before it rains again.

2) James cannot believe that its been raining for so long. It seems never ending.

3) The Potter family get up early and plan to go for a picnic- when they look out of the window it looks like fine weather- just like yesterday!

4) Sandra is fed up - she wants to sun bathe in her back garden but can see the clouds moving in from the west.

5) Tina wishes she had brought a jumper with her! The temperature seems to have dropped suddenly and its a lot windier than it was a few hours ago.

6) Patch, the Thompsons dog, hides under the sofa - he is terrified of thunder!

7) Saiqa and her friends decide to go and fly their kite.

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